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This option of the device is used for distillation of home brew and the flavored solutions in small amounts (0,2-0,5 l). On the asbestine sieve 2 fixed in a support 1 put a flask 3 with the traffic jams which are densely fixed in mouths. In the top stopper do an opening for the thermometer 4, and in lateral for a tube choose 6 with the crane 5 which connects a flask to the refrigerator the Flask 3 such size that the liquid subjected to distillation occupied 2/3 its volumes.

Air solar drying. It is applied generally to the roots containing tannins and alkaloids, and, also, for juicy fruits. The raw materials are displayed a thin layer (1-3 cm) and not less than 1 time is overturned per day. For the night the raw materials are cleaned.